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We're a Christ-centered, gospel-driven, and mission-focused community committed to enjoying and revealing our Savior along the winding paths of life's joys and trials. We're committed to helping each other live life to the glory of God by daily rooting ourselves in his wonderful grace.

It's our prayer that God would use us in communicating the truth and transforming power of his gospel — the good news of Jesus' victory over sin, suffering and death — to our neighborhoods, to Northern Kentucky and the Ohio River valley, and even to the ends of the earth.

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Feb 2015

Perhaps Stress...

Perhaps we aren't to be seeking a life free from stress. (Anxiety, yes. Stress, perhaps not so much.) Perhaps there is something better than a stress-free life. Perhaps the stress-zone is actually an opportunity to meet Jesus, to become a little Christ, and to live missionally as he did. Perhaps the stress-zone is a lot like the powder and grit that is thrown into the rock tumbler.

What would it be like to lean into stress, to really meet Jesus in it? To say, "Yummy," when the sirens of the stress-zone are heard over head?

Perhaps stress and weariness, are a lot like emptiness and loneliness—"wild dogs barking in the cellar" (Nietzsche)—and, more than anything else, alert us to our hunger for God, and thereby prepare us to rest in the in the eye of the dancing Trinity, to awaken to His presence.

Latest Sermon

Feb 2015

Motivation for Exiles

Series:  1 Peter      Part: 6

Scripture: 1 Peter 1:17-21

Speaker: Daniel Bush


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